Additional Services

Additional Services (5)

Widely used in transformers production it consists of a continuous series of micro cuts along the material border. We can change the distance between the cuts as well as the depth of the cut itself.

It consist in bending the lateral side of a insulating material roll on both sides of the roll itself. Bending can go from 2 to over 10 mm according to end user needs. Used in motor manual production. We can also cut the bended roll in pieces creating the final slot insulation ready to use.



We can produce, with our own machines, parts according to end used drawing. Almost all insulating materials are suitable for this kind of proces satisfying almost all the possible needs.

This is the first process Isolcavi started to do since the beginning of the activity. We're able to cut with our own machines rolls from 10 to 1000 mm. in diameter up to 550 mm. Laminated materials as long as films comes in master rolls that are impossible to use for motos and transformers end users. We can transform these big rolls in smaller ones, ready to use in automatic machines for stators insulation.

All our fiberglass sleevings and heat shrinkable tubing can be supplied already cut in pieces with a fast service made directly in our italian plants.