GVES4000 - Silicon FIberglass Sleeving 250°C

GVES is an insulating sleeving made of a flexible fiberglass sleeve coated with silicon rubber. According to the coating silicon quantity it is possible to increase the electrical performances of the sleeving itself. We manufacture four standard electrical insualtion items: 1500 Volt (GVES1500); 2500 Volt (GVES2500); 4000 Volt (GVES4000) and 7000 Volt (GVES7000).

Extremely flexible and flame retardant, its main feature is to be able to resist to very high temperatures (up to +290°C for short time peacks) 


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Thermal Class:

  • C Operative Temp. -60°C +250°C
  • Short time peacks +290°C
  • from 0.5 up to   4 mm. 200 meters rolls
  • from    5 up to 16 mm. 100 meters rolls
  • Brick red is the standard color. Other color on request.
  • Home appliances
  • Electrical motors and transformers
  • Lighting
  • General electrical applications